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Top Tips for your Veterinary Website

Posted on 21 May 2019
Top Tips for your Veterinary Website

An online presence for your veterinary is vital to showcase who you are and what you do, as well as make it easier for your clients (both current and potential) to contact you.

Vet Marketing Strategies have produced websites for veterinaries, specialist hospitals and pet care services. Many have taken on a few, if not all, of the following winning vet strategies:

  • Online presence that shows off what services you do and your areas of expertise to encourage potential clients to want to come to you.
  • Professional looking design to attract your target market. A book is based on its cover (even when you're told not to do so) - if a website looks tired and out of date, you can imagine how that reflects on your business.
  • Contact phone number clear in the header, along with your address and other CTA (calls to action) like a booking tool.
  • Show off your range of services clearly so a potential client knows what types of animals you look after and the services you do (and can easily find out more about these). These days people quickly skim websites - if the images and words don't clearly match what they're looking for, they will leave and go to another website.
  • Demonstrate your strengths - you need to stand out if your visitors are also looking at other options.
  • Prove you are real and exist - include photos and profiles on each of your team members (and even show off your own pets).
  • Give peace of mind that you are good at what you do - rave reviews from clients, qualifications and more.

Drive traffic to your website

  • Build up a local profile, on directories and other local websites.
  • Google - get your website set up correctly so Google can index you for what you do and your location.
  • Position yourself well on Google Maps / Google My Business - regularly update your listing with photos and updates.
  • Advertise - Google Ads, Facebook Marketing and other social media can be effective to target and draw in your next clients.
  • Promote your website on everything you do - from invoices, signage, email signatures - even cars.

Build Client Loyalty

Once you have a client you want to retain them so they buy more, more often and refer others. Use online technology to leverage this for you, and generate amazing results.

Talk to us today about how we can make your veterinary practice stand out online.

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