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Retaining your existing clients costs less than acquiring new ones!

Vets work hard looking after clients and know they should be doing some marketing to attract new clients, keep them, and get them back frequently and refer others. We have a range of tools that will help you keep in touch with your clients, keep them coming back, and encourage them to give you referrals.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the number one most cost-effective strategy to get existing customers to stay longer, buy more, more frequently.

Email marketing is great for sending newsletter or one off campaigns for promotions. It can also be setup to automatically welcome new clients, send reminders, or to make clients feel special with personalised birthday messages. The great thing about our system is it works with more than just email - you can also send SMS messages or even print physical cards.

As an added bonus, you also have the ability to send out surveys to new and existing customers to gain feedback and insight.

Vet Marketing Strategies offers three levels to suit your business:

  • Use the tool yourself with branded email templates that match your website
  • Follow our guide and base campaigns to produce your own
  • Let us do it for you (we can send it ourselves, or send with your approval):
  • Newsletter writing
  • Blog writing (tips and advice)
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Set up and manage automated marketing campaigns for reminders

SMS Marketing

Communicate with your clients using the popular option of sending a text message (SMS) direct to their mobile phone. Our unique proprietary SMS marketing software is compliant with Australian Spam Laws and designed so you can quickly and easily create and immediately send it or even schedule it for a future time and date!

Print Marketing

Marketing is all about touching prospects, current clients and past clients regularly via any and all mediums. Despite what you might have heard, print is not dead - in fact, it is one of the major tools to help you.

The more you do and offer to your existing clients when you get in touch with them (especially via different mediums) the more loyal they will be, and the more likely they will be to spend more and refer others to you. By touching your clients over different mediums, the connection between you will grow stronger, and your clients will feel special because you've made the extra effort.

We have the following base templates and can do fully uniquely designed options for:

  • Posters in your waiting room (to promote products, services and general awareness)
  • Flyers for new residents in the area
  • Referral cards
  • Print reminders
  • Practice brochures
  • Sympathy cards
  • Missed appointments
  • Reactivation
  • Seasonal offers
  • Wellness & dental
  • Birthday cards
  • Congratulations cards
  • Seasonal cards
  • Get well cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Welcome cards

Want to automate your printing? We can help.

Vet Marketing Strategies also offer automated printed: as we are connected to your database marketing account (which manages your emails, SMS, surveys), we can print personalised cards to send out to your clients on set dates. Personalised, printed, posted - all without you having to lift a finger.

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